Come to Münzquell and enjoy...

Münzquell – Haven of commerce and debauchery

Far, far away in the South of the Realm of Roses, a new fiefdom came to be: Münzquell. Its name adumbrating what is to be found there nowadays.
Travel northwards along the southern Mutterstrom and you cannot miss the splendorous gates of Goldhafen (formerly Karlshafen), the pulsating heart of Münzquell.

We hereby kindly invite you, tradesman, tinker, traveller to join us in the shaping of our fief. There is plenty ado for everyone, to make this place of ours shine in glory. Do seize the opportunity. Be the one to graft the jewel of the Mutterstrom.

Let the steppes blossom! Live by the currents of time!

Do you want to indulge in all pleasures of life? Then look no further: The tavern “zum goldenen Anker” caters your needs for board and lodging. Here, you are never alone and are sure to make one a many wondrous acquaintances. The Rumtopf, too – the harbour’s home of frivolous festivity – surely brings relaxation to the firm and weary. Man does not live by bread alone.

Should we have roused your interest, dear wanderer, then we hope to welcome you in Münzquell soon.